New show ALL IS BRIGHT announced!

We're delighted to announce that we've received funding and a commission from Westminster Borough Council to create a brand new piece of theatre. Burn Bright Theatre will be back this Christmas with All Is Bright, created as an original pop-up play for residents in sheltered accommodation in Westminster. The production will tour non-theatre spaces across the borough, creating access to theatre for those who may not be able to access traditional seasonal performances across London.

It’s Christmas Eve in 2015 ... and 1990 ... and 1968, 1914 and 1818. Christmas spirit transcends the ages as ordinary people share five extraordinary moments throughout history.

In 2015, while Harry is stationed on a military base, his wife Bella has a special Christmas surprise to share over Skype - thanks to a small team of computer scientists at CERN in Geneva, who test-run what we now know as the Internet on Christmas Day in 1990. In 1968, the Apollo 8 Lunar Mission makes contact with earth, as those back on the home planet receive a powerful Christmas message from the moon’s orbit. Christmas cheer transcends boundaries again in 1914, when English soldiers cross enemy lines to make new friends at the Front. And in the small Austrian village of Obendorf, an accident with the church’s organ before Midnight Mass in 1818 leads to the premiere of a very recognizable carol.

We're extremely excited to be reuniting with Burn Bright company members Stacey Evans and Charlie Haskins for our two-person show.

We're hoping to stage a one-off public showing of this exciting Christmas project - stay tuned!

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