Roundup: Vernon God Little

It's been quite a whirlwind but as we draw our debut show, Vernon God Little, to a close, we wanted to share some of the critical and audience feedback.

Read the audience's story via Storify here:

And here's some of our favourite review quotes too:


"What BBT have accomplished with a restricted number of actors

and resources is quite remarkable, with no detriment to the play’s entertainment value or storytelling. I look forward to their next venture."


"A remarkable production ... Full of life, energy and music ... the production has managed to fully recreate the dark humour of the novel, making a vastly enjoyable, entertaining piece." The Upcoming

"Frenzied anarchy; there isn't a weak performance to be found." A Younger Theatre

"An excellent first production ... A company to watch out for in the future." Everything Theatre

"Boundless energy ... a talented young ensemble." Londonist

We've loved every second of our time in Martirio - thank you so much for joining us on our first journey as a company. Until next time!


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