by Ellen Stevens

“I hate losing things. Mum’s pear diary. I lost it. Twice. First time I didn’t worry too much. But this time, I couldn’t find it, not even in the shed...”

Based on a true story, Ellen Stevens’ new solo show is a play about losing things. Specifically, about losing a person. It's a show that explores how we talk about death, the crippling lows and surprising highs of bereavement, and what you have to do to to keep yourself together when everything

goes a little bit pear-shaped.

An autobiographical exploration of grief and moving forward, Pear Shaped fuses live storytelling with music, movement, puppetry, comedy and even an unexpected rap battle. Plus, white Elvis-style coffins, funeral directors with inappropriate ringtones, and an ominous box in the corner ...

Pear Shaped is a touching, funny and emotive new one-woman play, under development by Burn Bright Theatre with playwright/performer Ellen Stevens.

Pear Shaped is currently under development with Burn Bright Theatre. For enquiries, or to be kept up to date with the show's progress, email us at info@burnbrighttheatre.com and we'll add you to our mailing list.