About Us

Burn Bright Theatre was formed by Isabel Dixon (playwright and producer) and Katherine Timms (director and workshop facilitator). We're passionate about female-led, ensemble-based theatre and collaborate with a variety of innovative artists – including performers, writers, movement directors and musicians.


Our shows incorporate ensemble work, physical movement and live music to create ambitious theatre that retains a quirky, low-fi and intimate feel.

At the heart of our work are three founding principals:


We believe that theatre should be a live event. Onstage, maintaining a the connection between performer and audience member is a huge part of what we try to achieve. Offstage, we aim to supplement every show with some form of audience outreach - whether that's post-show talks, tie-in events or workshop possibilities. 


We feel that the space we perform in should be as much a part of the production as the acting, design and tech. Whether that's creating small-town Texas in a tiny East End church or making shows to tour non-traditional theatre spaces, we relish the opportunity to embrace our surroundings in a creative way.


Regardless of themes, design and concept, narrative is always the most important part of our projects. We love finding great stories - big or small, old or new - and we also love finding innovative, unusual ways of telling them.

Meet the team, look at the work we've made, see what we've got coming up, or get in contact.